Attention: Current or Aspiring Life Coaches, Moms on a Mission, Retired Teachers or School Professionals, and Anyone Who Loves Kids

Do you want to help girls feel confident and comfortable in their own skin so they can shine?

You CAN make a difference AND make money as a Certified Facilitator of our Girls Empowerment curriculum.

So many girls feel like they're on the outside looking in. They lack inner confidence and struggle to fit in, feeling different in a way that says "I'm not good enough" or "I don't measure up". For far too long girls have dealt with these challenges and for many girls, they've lacked the guidance and skills necessary to shift these feelings from the inside out so they can create a more positive social experience.

It Doesn’t Have To Be This Way...And We Can Help.


Hi, I'm Jill Hope, and I decided to do something to end the epidemic of girls growing up with poor confidence and self-worth.


Powerful Girl Within® Curriculum for Girls
Certified Facilitator Program

The Powerful Girl Within® Curriculum for Girls Certified Facilitator Program is a comprehensive training and Certification Program that will prepare you to facilitate our Powerful Girl Within® Curriculum for Girls, a flexible 4 module, 10 lesson integrated personal development program that focuses on inner confidence, self-acceptance, positive peer relationships, and empowerment in girls ages 11-14.

The Powerful Girl Within® Curriculum for Girls helps girls:

  • Understand her 4 "Super Power" and learn how to use them in a healthy way
  • Increase her confidence and love herself more
  • Create better relationships with her friends, parents, and siblings
  • Learn how to keep going when things are tough, no matter what
  • Discover the simple steps to feel good every day!
  • Have greater self-awareness and self-regulation
  • Feel increased self-acceptance as well as greater acceptance of the differences in others
  • Solve peer issues independently and in a constructive way

...and much more

�These workshops help me with my confidence and help me remember that I choose my reactions in difficult situations. It�s also super fun to learn with other girls.�

~ Amelie, age 12

�This workshop is super fun, and all the things we talk about (tools) actually work, like I subconsciously do them now. It�s very fun and you can express yourself, and Ms. Celeste is super awesome and relatable for pretty much every girl. You should definitely check it out.�

~ Opal, age 11

By choosing to become a Certified Facilitator of the The Powerful Girl Within® Curriculum for Girls, you will:

  • Learn the fundamentals and foundation of the curriculum so that you feel confident in facilitating students to greater self-acceptance, increased confidence, social/emotional intelligence, and deeper feelings of empowerment.

  • Have access to coaching and Q&A sessions to support you

  • Receive the Curriculum, including all Lesson Plans, Worksheets, Parent Letters, Discussion outlines, and more...everything you need to successfully facilitate the program and have an immediate and ongoing positive impact!

  • Become a Member of our Facilitator community and gain access to your Member's page, a one-stop shop for easy access to all of your Program Materials, and a place to connect with your fellow ISHINE Facilitator colleagues!

  • Gain credibility by using our logo and Powerful Girl Within® Curriculum for Girls Certified Facilitator designation to create a professional look for your website, business cards, flyers, etc.

  • Become licensed as a Certified Facilitator for one year (Note: you will have the option to renew your license annually at a nominal cost of $197

Here is how the Powerful Girl Within® Curriculum for Girls Certified Facilitator Program Works

The Powerful Girl Within® Curriculum for Girls Certified Facilitator Program is a training program delivered over five 90-minute training sessions via the phone and web followed, by a Certification Exam. The training is offered in a systematic way to give you the fundamentals, foundation, and overview of the curriculum so that you feel confident in facilitating students to greater self-acceptance, increased confidence, social/emotional intelligence, and deeper feelings of empowerment. It will also provide with the basics of setting up the program, tracking it, communicating with stakeholders, and creating a revenue stream. At the conclusion of the training program there will be a Certification Exam. A passing grade in the exam is required to receive your Certified Facilitator designation and one year license.

The five training sessions will cover:

  • Fundamental theory/philosophy upon which the curriculum is built
  • Overview of each module, including key objectives, activities, and flow of the lessons
  • Preparation, tracking, and stakeholder communication, including parent and student surveys, consent forms, and parent connection letters
  • Business building basics, program design possibilities, and how to approach revenue creation using the curriculum

Should you miss a training call, don't worry! All calls will be recorded and accessible on your private class VIP web page within 48 hours after the call. And because the program is conducted online, it is accessible from anywhere in the world!

�After each one of these workshops I felt more confident with myself, like I could do anything. One of the things I learned helped me focus before a math test! You should definitely check it out.�

~ Ida, age 12

�My daughter participated in the Powerful Girl Within Program earlier this year. This is a very important program for girls in their pre-teen years to learn skills for dealing with the pressures that face them in the years ahead. I wish I had something like this when I was her age. I've seen two long lasting behavior changes in my daughter in the months since the program. First, my daughter added a piece to our bedtime ritual where she shares with me something she's grateful for. She does this every single night! It's touching and delightful to hear her think and share this way. Second, I've seen her use some specific tools she learned in the program to deal with anxiety and stress. She started at a new school this fall and has used these tools to alleviate her anxiety over it. It is working! I can't recommend the program enough.�

~ Amy, Mom in New Orleans

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Would I Want to Become a Facilitator?

Becoming a facilitator allows you to teach a program that has been proven to build inner confidence, self-acceptance, and positive peer relationships in girls, while giving you credibility, positioning you as an expert, and offering you solid income potential. There is no reason to reinvent the wheel when this program contains a complete solution to help make a difference AND make money.

Do I Need to Be an Educator or Have an Advanced Degree to Become a Facilitator?

No! Any caring adult can successfully administer this program. While many teachers and education professionals love and endorse the Powerful Girl Within® Curriculum for Girls Certified Facilitator Program, and have used it with great success in schools and outside of them, no previous experience or training is necessary.

How Do I Make Money as a Facilitator?

Options for bringing in revenue with the curriculum include charging participants per workshop, charging for a series of workshops, or charging a school, yoga studio, or after-school program for an hour of your time for each workshop you teach. We cover more about business-building ideas in the training calls and in the private Facebook group (you'll get lots of inspiration from your fellow facilitators too!) but here's just one way it could look:

Let's say you decide to run the full 10-week workshop. If you charge $200 per student for the entire 10 week series, and you enroll just 10 students, you will bring in revenue of $2000 and more than make back your investment. Then you're making pure profit with your very next workshop!

What if I Don't Have the Money to Invest Now?

I know money is a scary thing for some people. I've been in some pretty scary financial situations myself where I didn't know how I would pay my next month's bills. But there is a huge difference between buying unnecessary items and investing in yourself and your ability to make a powerful impact in this world. When you invest in yourself and gain access to tools and information that can change not only your life but the life of many others, you will never be the same person you were before the investment. And the beauty of this program is that your investment can be recouped after you offer just one workshop! After that you're generating pure profit while making a difference. I can't think of many other purchases that would offer as good an investment.

I'm Not Sure This is the Right Time...Are You Doing This Again?

Let's face it, the best time to act is when you're feeling the inspiration. Our minds are set up to keep us safe and talk us out of things...even good, positive things that would make our lives better! This world isn't going to wait and there are kids out there right now who will only be reached through YOU. Remember, you can facilitate the curriculum on your own schedule -- many start "on the side" while they are still in other careers.

Now, I will offer this program again, but I don't know when and it's currently not scheduled. It will likely never be as affordable as it is today. Why put off something that you're inspired to do NOW?

�I loved Powerful Girl Within! I have more self-esteem and it has helped me become more secure. All of the lessons were wonderful. Even if you�re just doing it for fun, I would totally recommend it. It was so fun!�

~ Sophia, age 13

�Everyone is really nice and respectful and it really helps with self-esteem. At my age most girls don�t get to do these kinds of things and don�t understand how to help themselves, but this class helps with that. If you were to send your kid to this class I would totally recommend it.�

~ Sydalise, age 12

�The workshop was REALLY fun and I recommend to tell your friends and do it with them. It has made me feel more confident and gave me tools to handle my life. And my teacher Ms. Celeste was an amazing teacher. Do this workshop! You�ll love it!�

~ Zora, age 11

Enroll Now in the

The Powerful Girl Within® Curriculum for Girls
Certified Facilitator Program

Yes Jill! I'm ready to enroll in the Powerful Girl Within® Curriculum for Girls Certified Facilitator Program so I can make a difference and make money empowering girls to love themselves, feel more confident, and build social/emotional skills that will enable them to thrive.

No Risk Reservation Form

Here is what I will get when I enroll in your

The Powerful Girl Within® Curriculum for Girls Certified Facilitator Program

  • Access to the full 5-session live Certification Training via webinar. While it is recommended that I attend the training live, this is not a requirement. It is my responsibility however to listen to each training prior to taking my Certification Exam.

  • Access to the Certification Exam, which when passed, will allow me to become a Licensed Facilitator of the curriculum for one year from the exam passing date

  • Access to the Licensed Facilitator Library, where you will have easy access to all of the information you need to facilitate the program, including curriculum materials, worksheets, surveys, parent information and more.

  • BONUS Private Members Recording Library. Access to all recordings of the live teaching calls in downloadable mp3 format on my private VIP class web page.

  • BONUS Live Group Q&A Sessions. Immediately after each training call stay on the line where I can get all of my questions answered.

  • BONUS Private Members Facebook Community. Access to other members will be provided in our Private Facebook Community where I can share ideas, receive and give support, and network with other members.

Program Price = $2995

Your investment = $2495

Or 5 payments of $550*

*Your Certification and Facilitator License will be granted once your final payment is made, assuming you successfully complete all of the certification requirements.

�This was such a great opportunity for my daughter to experience. She has been able to better understand her views on what she wants in relationships with herself and with others. In today�s world it helps to have a tribe help to guide our children to become strong and independent thinkers who are aware of their surroundings.�

~ Angele, Mom in New Orleans

You have what it takes to empower the next generation of girls!

If it pains you to see girls:

  • Dimming their light
  • Changing who they are in order to fit in with others
  • Bullying or excluding kids who are different
  • Crumbling under the weight of pressure to achieve
  • Experiencing anxiety on a daily basis
  • Seeing herself as a victim
  • Struggling with low self-confidence

...and instead you would love to help girls:

  • Fully love and accept themselves for who they are
  • See the goodness in others and reach out to those who seem different
  • Have the emotional intelligence and confidence to speak up for themselves and solve their own challenges
  • Understand and articulate their emotions in a way that is helpful
  • View their life from a positive lens
  • Take accountability for their actions
  • Create positive and supportive friendships

...then you are an ideal candidate to become a Facilitator of the Powerful Girl Within® Curriculum for Girls Certified Facilitator Program

I can't wait for you to gain access to a powerful, proven curriculum that will enable you to facilitate girls to have greater self-confidence, love themselves more, create positive friendships, understand and manage their emotions, and have the freedom to confidently and courageously live and be all they are meant to be!

Jill Hope 
Founder, I Shine and creator of the Powerful Girl Within® Curriculum for Girls

P.S. Not only will the Powerful Girl Within® Curriculum for Girls Certification Program provide you with an integrated curriculum you can use to make a huge difference in the lives of girls, but you will also be deeply rewarded both financially as well as emotionally and spiritually with a deep sense of fulfillment and purpose. There are not many things in life that can offer such a rich combination of benefits.

Program Price = $2995

Your investment = $2495

Or 5 payments of $550*

*Your Certification and Facilitator License will be granted once your final payment is made, assuming you successfully complete all of the certification requirements.

P.P.S. This program is one of the most rewarding programs I have ever offered! If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact me via the contact box below or by emailing me at I look forward to hearing from you!

Jill Hope/ I Shine
3023 N Clark St. Suite 371
Chicago, IL 60657

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