The "Powerful Girl Within" Program

The  “Powerful Girl Within” Program  is a unique, 8 week program that will help you to dramatically improve your daughter’s confidence, self-assuredness, and self-worth. What’s best is that the class is set up so that you can participate over the phone from the comfort of your own home.

In the program, I will personally take you step-by-step through the strategies I have used in my own life and which I recommend to my 1-1 clients to dramatically change your daughters’ ability to fit in and improve her experiences with friends.


Improve your daughter’s level of self-acceptance and confidence  so she is much more apt to feel comfortable being who she is meant to be 

Enable your daughter to feel  more comfortable expressing herself and her unique gifts without fear of what others will say or think

Bring out your daughter’s unique talents and abilities 

Utilize techniques that will help your daughter draw to her loving and supportive friendships and allow unsupportive relationships to fall away, naturally 

Understand your daughter’s true desires when it comes to her peers, and use proven strategies to help her achieve her goals 

Avoid years of struggle  that can persist and continue to get worse the longer you let this problem fester and grow 

Provide you the deep satisfaction and peace of mind in knowing that you are taking action to improve your daughter’s life 

See the sparkle back in your daughter’s eyes because she no longer feels she must suppress her true nature to “fit in”

Here is the pathway of the  Powerful Girl Within  virtual program you can do from the comfort of your own home...


Session One: Accessing Your Truth

In Session One, we’ll examine the truth of who we are as worthy, powerful individuals and the mindset your daughter needs in order to bring about positive changes in her circumstances. You will learn:

  • The connection between your thoughts and your circumstances 

  • The truth about who you are 

  • Your role as a parent in cultivating confidence in your daughter 

  • The basics of some key universal principles and how you can work with them to improve your daughter's relationships with her peers 
  • How your core beliefs can impact the circumstances of your life and the life of your daughter, and a technique to eliminate the negative ones 

  • A tool to help your daughter appreciate her uniqueness and develop self-acceptance 

  • Three strategies to help your daughter follow her own inner voice
  • How to create the mindset that will allow your daughter’s good to flow in to her

  •    ...and more


Session Two: Forgiveness and the Power in Letting Go

In Session Two, we’ll discuss the power and importance of forgiveness in leaving behind old situations in order to make the space for new ones to come in. You will learn:

  • What forgiveness really is, and why it is so important 

  • The common misconceptions about forgiveness that prevent most people from ever forgiving fully 

  • Why forgiveness is effective, even if you never tell the person you’re forgiving 

  • Four tools that will help your daughter simply and easily forgive and let go 

  • What your daughter will gain once she is able to let go of past hurts 

  • Why you MUST also forget when you forgive, and how it will help your
    daughter attract loving friendships 

  • ...and more


Session Three: The Power of Tapping into Your Desires

In Session Three, you’ll learn how to help your daughter uncover what it is she wishes to achieve in her relationships, and then discover a number of tools you can use to bring these desired results into your daughters reality. You will learn:

  • A powerful tool you can use to help your daughter determine precisely what it is that she desires 

  • The critical role of goal-setting in helping your daughter manifest real change, and a simple process to do this 

  • A simple process you can follow to help you effortlessly achieve your desired results

  • How to write affirmations for your daughter that will bring about dramatic improvements in confidence, self-esteem, and friendships 

  • A series of strategies that will empower your daughter in a way that is really fun for her

  • How the power of imagination can change your daughter's circumstances, almost like magic 

  • A straightforward daily routine that puts into practice all you have learned thus far

  • A beautiful manifesting meditation that will enable your daughter to feel relaxed and  truly powerful, even in the midst of the greatest of challenges 

  • ...and more


Session Four: Taking Control and Developing

In Session Four, we’ll examine the role we play in our situations with peers, and how taking responsibility will rapidly improve the situation and enhance self-confidence and self-respect. You will learn:

  • How language helps develop responsibility in children

  • How praise influences our children, and which type of praise can actually damage self-esteem 

  • The type of praise to use if you want to eliminate your daughter’s need to look for approval from external sources

  • How to speak (and think) in a way that brings about the changes your daughter wishes to see 

  • Six common language patterns that limit your daughter and keep her from experiencing her desires, and how you can change these patterns

  • How the words our daughters choose to use can have a negative effect on their self-esteem

  • How to undo low self-esteem with a simple shift in your daughter’s everyday speech

  • Three games you can play that will encourage positive self-talk at home 

  • ...and more


Session Five: Living With an Attitude of Gratitude

In Session Five, we’ll examine the power and role of gratitude in manifesting greater self-acceptance, supportive loving friendships, and the realization of our greatest dreams. You will learn:

  • The benefits of a gratitude mindset 

  • What gratitude has to do with confidence and self-esteem

  • How to help your daughter incorporate gratitude into her life, and how she can use it as a tool when things get tough 

  • Five techniques you can implement immediately to cultivate an ‘attitude of gratitude’ in your home

  • The role and benefits of keeping a gratitude journal when it comes to your daughter’s relationships with her peers 

  • An easy way to stay focused on seeing the good, even when things are at their worst

  • A tool your daughter can use to increase her sense of well-being and satisfaction, almost immediately

  • A simple technique your daughter can use to enhance her sense of worthiness and self-confidence

...and more


To support you in integrating the transformational content provided in the Powerful Girl Within Program, you will
also receive:


Three Live Group Q&A Coaching Calls ($750 value)

In these two live group Q & A calls, I will take your questions live over the phone or answer questions I’ve received via email about the issues we are addressing in class.  


BONUS #1: Powerful Girl Within Resource Guide 
and Workbook

A resource guide containing information shared during the program along with exercises to help you integrate the strategies and concepts at home.

BONUS #2: Private VIP Class Page and Recording Library

All of our group calls will be recorded and provided to you in MP3 format for you to refer back to at your leisure. PLUS, all recordings, resource guides and workbooks, as well as call information will also be provided on your private VIP class page and recording library for your convenience.

BONUS #3: Interview with Molly Baker, Founder of Girls On the Run called "Developing Self-Worth and Healthy Lifestyles in Girls" mp3 Recording ($27 value)

The one question you should ask your daughter that will empower her to make her own decisions

The link between exercise, self-respect, and risky behaviors

One of the biggest contributors to a lack of self-respect in girls, and what you as a parent can do to avoid them

A simple strategy to help your daughter take action based on her own desires rather than on what she thinks others want her to do

One technique you can employ right away to identify your daughter's
unique gifts

The one thing you can do to keep your daughter on track as she starts to navigate the pressures and challenges of the teen years

...and so much more!

Bonus #4: E-book by Jen Charbonneau, called "Building Self-Esteem & Healthy Body Image in 8-12 Year Old Girls" ($20 value)

Ways you can validate your daughter's feelings and help her to manage them effectively

The danger in making comparisons 

Strategies for helping your daughter explore her own creative ideas and express her creativity in unique ways 

How to help your daughter tap into what her body is telling her, and why it is important to do so 

How you can tell if your daughter is being bullied, and what you can do
about it

...and so much more!


Jill Hope
Founder, I Shine


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